March 28th, 2019


We have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails regarding the changes in sessions. Please be aware that the administration made this decision with the welfare and safety of our students in mind.

Our graduating class of 2018-2019 took preference in assigning the first session. For the first time since our school opened, we have a large group of seniors with a legitimate opportunity to graduate this year.

In order to fulfill our promise to parents and students for smaller classes and have individual teacher access, we added a second session. At this point we won’t be making any changes to either session; we have two months of school left and our graduating seniors have about a month and a half to complete their graduation requirements.

This will also help to ensure an effective learning experience for the undergrad class. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Lorena Peters
Vice principal
Donna J. Beasley Technical Academy
239-476-9100 Main
239-561-9864 Fax
“Home of the”Saints”

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