Mission Statement

To support students in achieving their high school diploma and to prepare them for college and career success through an individually paced, technology based, flexibly scheduled program.

Donna J Beasley Technical Academy

Donna J Beasley Technical Academy provides students that have fallen behind their graduation requirements to obtain their diploma. With the help of partners, business and industry, we provide the academic and technical skills necessary to be successful in today’s economy. We provide students “their best second chance”

What Academic Programs Does Donna J Beasley Technical Academy Have to Offer?

  • High school education and pre-apprenticeship certifications in the trades of Electrical, Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing.
  • Opportunity to catch up with graduation requirements and obtain a high school diploma.
  • Individualized course work and flexible schedule.
  • Students come first: by customizing individual learning experiences for each student.
  • Allows students to explore new career paths.