Enrollment Packet

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Open Enrollment and Admission Policy

Pursuant to Florida Statute 1002.31, enrollment in this school is open to students residing in any
Florida school district who are not subject to a current expulsion or suspension unless the school has
reached its enrollment capacity.
Once students complete an application, they will be admitted to the school regardless of race, gender
religion or ethnic origin and our admission and dismissal procedures will be equitable for all students.
Students are able to enroll throughout the year at the school. Students have the opportunity to call in
via a toll free number on our web site throughout the week and on weekends to ask questions or to
inquire about admission into the program.
In the event that the number of all eligible applicants for enrollment exceeds the School’s capacity, the
School shall perform a random selection process to determine which students are enrolled and which
students are placed on a waiting list in the order determined by the lottery.
The following categories of students will be exempted from the lottery process:
A. Siblings of existing students; or
B. Children of a founding board member; or
C. Children of an employee of the School.

The Principal or his/ her designee will manage the lottery process and maintain appropriate documentation thereof.

  1. The School will set and advertise a registration / lottery date.
  2. If the number of applicants is fewer than or equal to the number of available slots each qualified
    applicant will be accepted and enrolled.
  3. If the number of applicants meeting the established criteria of this charter exceeds the stated
    capacity of the school each student will be placed in a random lottery.
  4. Each application will be given a number, and all numbers will be placed in a container. Numbers
    will be drawn on a random basis and all slots will be filled based on the order of the drawing. All
    numbers will be picked – and the remainder will be used to create the waiting list (the list will be
    developed based on the number order).
  5. There will be at least two staff members present during the lottery drawing, and the lottery will
    be open to the public.
  6. After the “Lottery” is completed, students will be contacted in the order in which names were
    randomly drawn and established on the waiting list.
  7. As openings arise throughout the year, the next student on the waiting list will be offered the
    “space.” Applications will be accepted throughout the school year and be assigned a number.
    As openings are available, and the new applicants are added, the names will be re-drawn from
    all names to date (less those accepted/ withdrawn/ removed by request) by subsequent random
    lottery drawings.
  8. The parent, or eligible student, has 48 hours to accept/ refuse the opening and must complete
    all required documentation for admission into the program. If the parent, or eligible student, is
    not able to do so, the space will go to the next student on the waiting list. Applicant names for
    parents (eligible students) who do not respond within 48 hours, or who do not accept the
    available space, will be removed from the list and requested to reapply in the future if they
    would like to be considered in the lottery process at a later date.